With the opioid crisis worsening in Canada, more and more first-responders across the country are being equipped with naloxone, the active ingredient in NARCAN™ Nasal Spray, which is used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. As a result, Adapt Pharma Canada has developed carrying cases to make it easier for first responders to carry the nasal spray, effectively saving precious seconds in order to administer medication faster.

Attaching easily to vests, uniforms and utility belts, the insulated pouch allows law enforcement, EMS, fire services, border security, campus security, harm reduction workers and other first-responders to carry the medication on them at all times.

“The cases have been designed with first responders in mind, to allow for quick and easy access to NARCAN™ Nasal Spray,” said David Renwick, General Manager, Adapt Pharma Canada. “Any time that can be reduced from the moment first responders arrive on scene to when NARCAN™ is administered can make a difference to an opioid overdose victim.”

NARCAN™ kit specs:

  • Rugged nylon exterior that sheds moisture
  • Interior poly insulation necessary to provide non-prolonged protection from extreme temperature
  • Twill reinforced seams with drop-front and quick access pull tab ensuring glove-friendly accessibility
  • Pouch holds two stacked NARCAN™ nasal spray doses, a quick start guide and a pair of nitrile gloves
  • Will accommodate up to a 5” utility belt and can be deployed on molle systems, vests, etc.
  • The only First Responder tested and endorsed kit for NARCAN™ Nasal Spray field use
  • Pouch Dimension: 4.5” (width) x 5.5” (height) x 2” (depth)

NARCAN™ is a ready-to-use, needle-free device that does not require any assembly and no medical training. While not a substitute for appropriate medical care, NARCAN™ delivers a dose of 4mg of naloxone in a concentrated 0.1 ml spray to temporarily reverse an overdose in emergency situations.

For more information, visit narcankit.ca/.


Source: Adapt Pharma