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NARCAN® Nasal Spray

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* NARCAN® Nasal Spray not included.

complete pharmacy kit with an insulated pouch

This Narcan kit comes supplied with:

Pharmacy Narcan Kit Pouch

1 convenient, insulated carry pouch*

Pharmacy Narcan Kit CPR Mask

1 CPR rescue barrier

Pharmacy Narcan Kit Instructions

1 instructional insert

Pharmacy Narcan Kit Trained user card

1 “trained user” card

Pharmacy Narcan Kit Gloves

1 pair of “tested and approved” nitrile gloves**

Just add NARCAN® Nasal Spray and counsel your patient

*Narcan kit pouch was originally developed for first responders to be used when accessibility is a necessity.


  • Rugged nylon exterior that sheds moisture
  • Interior poly insulation necessary to provide non-prolonged protection from extreme temperature*
  • Twill reinforced seams with drop-front and quick access pull tab ensuring glove-friendly accessibility
  • Will accommodate up to a 5” utility belt
  • Velcro back attachment
  • Pouch dimensions: 4.5” w x 5.5” h x 2” d
  • Narcan pouch front view
  • Narcan pouch velcro back

** The supplied gloves are the only tested and approved product to be used in a fentanyl or heroin contaminated environment.

Barrier tested gloves

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