Members of the Surrey RCMP detachment jumped into action Friday morning when a man suffered an overdose outside the front doors of their headquarters on 57th Avenue.

Police say they helped save the life of a man through the use of opioid antidote Naloxone when an officer arriving for his shift was alerted by a driver that his passenger was overdosing.

Police noticed the man was slumping into his seat, unconscious, with the obvious signs of an opiate overdose, and were told he had used heroin.

Officers and staff at the detachment then grabbed an Naloxone nasal spray kit and administered the medication to the man.

With shallow breathing and no signs of improvement, they gave him a second round of the drug and prepared to perform CPR.

Within seconds, police said the man began to respond. He was then taken to the hospital.

Surrey RCMP said this emergency shows the importance of having Naloxone on hand.

“This incident serves as another example of how important it is that all first responders are properly equipped with life-saving equipment during the current opioid crisis,” Sgt. Alanna Dunlop said.

“It is only fitting that the officer who administered the Naloxone is the detachment’s drug subject matter expert and championed the effort to have all RCMP officers equipped with Naloxone.”

Dunlop added this was the second time in two weeks officers had to administer the drug.

Reporter: Jill Slattery
Source: Global News